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Where should I start with all of these computers I have to recyle. I will call MARRS IT


IT Asset Disposition

From Asset Recovery to E-Waste Recycling, you can trust MARRS for fast, secure, environmentally responsible ITAD for every type of computer and electronic device manufactured. Many IT Asset Recovery companies accept only certain items that may have value, but we offer comprehensive revenue recovery and recycling for all of your excess equipment. 

Whether you represent a large corporation or small business and need to liquidate your entire data center, sell equipment, recycle computers, or destroy old hard drives, we will forge a plan tailored to suit your needs. 

ITAD Recycle Computers

We go above and beyond to ensure compliance at every level. We offer On-Site Hard Drive Shredding and Erasure Services, and provide packing, removal, and transportation. As soon as equipment is received at our secure facility, we remove your old company asset tags, record the serial numbers and categorize for auditing.

Standard Process and Procedure

What does it mean to have a Managed, Comprehensive ITAD Solution? We have a standard process and procedure for every piece of equipment we bring in. Here is what happens when you send equipment to MARRS:


One of our experienced Account Managers will review your case and help discern your needs. We will discuss the value of your equipment and determine the best strategy for packing, removal, and transportation. We will formulate a plan that works for you.

Extraction and Transport

We get the process started and implement our plan as outlined, so that we can meet any challenge(s) 'head on'. We will take care of the removal, and transportation, as discussed. 


Upon receipt at our secure facility, we take pictures and make notes on the condition the shipment. One of our certified technicians will remove company asset tags and sort, label, and scan the equipment serial numbers. Equipment is then categorized for processing and evaluation.

Data Destruction

We utilize a variety of methods for the destruction of your company information. In many cases, we perform multiple data destruction procedures on a single unit. We record the make, model, and serial numbers that will be added to your detailed SCODD (Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction and Disposal.


Equipment Details such as Configurations, Condition and Included Accessories are updated and repairs are made to increase value and maximize  your return.  Equipment is inventoried and prepared for finalization. 


Your Account Rep will review the details, gather all relative documentation, send your certificates, move approved purchase order to accounting for payment processing. Your payment and certificates are on the way!

Recycle Computers and Electronics


You have enough to manage with your current systems. Why not let us take the guess work out of the recycling equation? We mean it when we say"Comprehensive ITAD" and we provide a single turn key solution for all of your IT Asset Recovery & Recycling Needs. 

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