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Certified Data Destruction

No matter the canvas, your 'brand' is painted on every item that passes through your company. From your data center and computer hardware to your front office documents, you have equipment, accessories, and paperwork that could provide access to your company's greatest asset: information. Protecting your 'Company DNA' is our top priority and we don't take that responsibility lightly. In fact, a big part of our process continues to evolve entirely around our ability to safeguard your data.

Along with hard drives and tape media, we destroy the data stored on all of your equipment, including often overlooked devices such as switches, routers, printers, and more. 

Data Destruction
We adhere to the highest current standards for data eradication

US NIST 800-88 

This process may include overwriting, not only the logical storage location of a file(s) (e.g., file allocation table) to be erased or deleted, but also the entire media including all addressable locations.

US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M 

As of the November 2007 edition of the U.S Defense Security Service, overwriting the data is no longer acceptable for sanitation of magnetic media. Only degaussing (with an NSA approved degausser) or physical destruction is acceptable.

Depending on your requirements, we will provide On-Site Shredding and Erasure Services, and secure transportation to our facility. Upon arrival, your equipment is processed by one of our certified auditing technicians. Every serial number is recorded, company asset tags are removed, and equipment is categorized so we can begin the designated data destruction process. 


We utilize a multitude of data-eradication procedures for every device, utilize multiple methods on a some devices. We scan and verify the serial numbers during the data destruction phase and provide you with a detailed audit and Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction and Disposal (SCODD) for every item we receive.


Most companies have approved methods for data erasure that help maintain higher re-sale value for their dated equipment, but some organizations require physical destruction for hard drives and other data-bearing devices . Shredding Drive's can be expensive, but we streamline process to the minimize cost. We also offer On-Site Hard Drive Shredding.

Combining hard drive destruction with decommissioning and extraction has been proven to be the most efficient method for retiring end-of-life equipment. In most cases, we provide the service for the opportunity to buy your equipment.

Data Destruction

Data Eradication for Every Device

Did you know that computer hard drives are not the only devices that requires data destruction. Does your current provider offer data erasure on the often overlooked equipment such as switches, routers, and mobile devices? 

Data Destruction
Network Equipment

Networking Equipment such as routers, switches, security appliances, and phone systems contain sensitive information that can be used to gain entry into your network.


Most of these machines have built-in erasure procedures that can be performed during decommissioning. Network Equipment needs to be reset to original factory default by clearing configurations, erasing the NVRAM and deleting the VLAN database. We utilize Manufacturer Preferred Methods for clearing this data from your used devices.

Data Destruction
Mobile Devices

Cell phones have evolved into 'smart phones', which are basically handheld computers with a built-in Mobile Operating System. Not only do we use them to communicate, but most of us store almost all of personal information on our phones. Crushing these units alone does not guarantee that the information cannot be recovered because their circuit boards can be rebuilt. We erase your information completely before processing.

Along with data, these devices also contain circuit boards, LCD's, and batteries. Smart Phones require a specialized recycling process to keep their components out of landfills.  

Data Destruction
Tape Cartridges and other Magnetic Media

Information on most Magnetic Media can be eradicated while preserving the integrity of the tapes, or disks, for re-purposing or resale. To destroy data on tapes or disks that are not manufactured with Servo Tracks, they will need to be degaussed and physically destroyed, and cannot be reused.

As with all the equipment, we will generate a Serialized Audit and record the method by which the data-erasure is performed to guarantee you the security of knowing your information is fully erased and non-recoverable. If we cannot record the S/N or the data is not guaranteed to be 100% deleted, we will destroy the media 

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