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Customized ITAD for Every Industry

We provide full-service IT Asset Recovery and Recycling for a long and diverse list of clientele including Hospitals, Universities, Banks, Energy Companies, Aerospace Companies, Hospitality Chains, Schools, and many more. Whether you represent a Fortune 500 Company, or a small business,  there could be proprietary regulations regarding the disposition of your end-of-life technology. 



Different industries have different requirements for IT Asset Disposition. We continually update procedures to ensure that you can recycle your excess computer equipment with us and maintain compliance. 

With stricter regulations and constantly changing protocols in computer recycling for every industry type, it has become imperative to partner with an ITAD Service Provider you can trust. You need to maintain compliance and disposition retired equipment in a timely manner.

Whether you are looking to maintain HIPPA of PCI Compliance, recycle to EPA standards, or put more money back into your IT Budget, we customize our services to ensure that you receive an expedited, cost-effective, compliant, turn-key solution. 


Recycling Computers for Schools and Education

We are trusted across the nation by Universities, Independent School Districts, Private Schools, Vocational-Technical Schools, Community Colleges, Churches, and educational institutions of all varieties.


Aside from having limited resources available for removal and transportation, we have found that a good majority of our schools are also under-staffed, and on a limited IT budget. Our focus is to help all Educational Institutions meet new technology demands by paying you more for your excess computer equipment.

We provide packing, removal, transportation, data destruction, and recycling at no additional charge when we buy your equipment. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to auction old equipment, leaving money on the table, and risking data loss or having your excess end up in a landfill, let one of our expert account managers review your current ITAD process today.

Recycling Computers for Energy Companies,Oil, and Gas

With the ever constant changing regulations on Asset Disposition for Oil & Gas, Electric Companies, and Renewable Energy, like Wind and Solar Power Companies, it has become almost impossible to maintain compliance and upgrade technology without losing money. You need a partner driven to help you succeed, with the capabilities to streamline the transition from old technology to new.

By staying informed on compliance revisions,we stay ahead of the curve for disposition regulations, and that means a lower recycling expense, and more money for your old equipment.

Why let old equipment sit around in storage, taking up space, and going down in value, when you can let us take the hassle out of IT Asset Disposition. We want to buy your excess equipment while it still has value, so we can help put more money back into your budget for new technology.

Recycle Computers for Banks & Finance Companies

As a Financial Institution, you have strict protocol for disposition of end-of-life computer equipment. Rapidly changing, and highly regulated under PCI, FACTA, and GLBA, the need for compliant recycling is paramount to successful technology transition.

It is has become almost mandatory to operate with the latest technology, so most banks and finance companies do enjoy an aggressive technology upgrade schedule. Your ITAD Partner be just as aggressive when helping with your revenue recovery?

With limited resources for removal, packing, and transportation, there are few avenues to maximize the value in disposition without a trusted ITAD Partner.. We have an expert removal team with unlimited resources, and we have been helping banks and finance companies maintain compliance, and generate more revenue for their retired computer equipment for nearly a decade. Give us a call today.

Computer Recycle for Government

MARRS is a trusted ITAD Partner for governmental agencies across the nation. IT Asset Recovery & Recycling in this industry is highly process driven and many times end-of-life IT equipment is removed by the winning offer using a sealed bidding process. 

We understand the process and we include the transitional services necessary for extraction, transportation, data destruction, and recycling. Unlike other Computer Recycling Companies, there are never any hidden fees with us.

We make it fast and easy to sell your equipment to us. We take care of all of the paperwork and logistics, and provide a multitude of additional services, including secure data destruction, white-glove removal, and transportation. We know that every scenario is different and we build a custom solution specific to your situation - every time we buy equipment.

HIPPA Compliant Compute Recycle

When it comes to managing retired computer equipment in the healthcare industry, no body has a longer list of satisfied clients than us! This industry is highly regulated, and you need to work with an experienced provider.

We know that you're probably understaffed, and have a long list of tasks with higher priority. Let us help! We will pay you more for your retired technology and make sure you stay HIPPA compliant without ever lifting a finger.

Chain of Custody begins at your location before equipment ever leaves. We will scan the Serial Numbers and shred drives before we pack and remove equipment.

We have been providing IT Asset Recovery & Recycling for healthcare entities since the beginning. Some of our earliest clients are hospitals, private practice, dental agencies, 24-Hour Clinics, and Ambulatory Services. Let us see if we can help you today.

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