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World-Class IT Asset Recovery & Recycling

Cutting-Edge Data Destruction

OnSite Hard Drive Shredding

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About Us

Originally named Meridian Technology Solutions in 2013, and based in Oklahoma City, Meridian Asset Recovery & Recycling Solutions (MARRS) is the product of a partnership between an expert IT Asset Recovery Provider and a highly skilled computer-programmer who shared a vision for the future of IT Asset Recovery & Recycling. MARRS has evolved into a company on a mission to streamline IT Asset Recovery, Recycling, and Data Destruction into a viable, cost-effective, turn-key solution for any entity that recycles their computer equipment.

Who We Are


MARRS is built on four key positions and our team leader for each area is an expert in their respective position. We have assembled a group with over 50 years of combined industry experience in all facets of IT Asset Recovery, Recycling, and Data Destruction. We care about or communities, we care about our customers, and we care about our environment. We take pride in the fact that we are chosen time and time again to provide compliant, sustainable ITAD Solutions to an extended list of diverse clientele.

What We Do

Our customer-based & customizable approach has been proven time and time again, to provide an invaluable ITAD Solution for entities of all types and sizes. It doesn't matter if you need to recycle an old printer, or sell your entire data center, we will customize a solution that works for you!

Current Leadership


Matt Self

CEO / President

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Patrick Sprague

CIO / Director

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MARRS Leadership

Mission Statement


We have over 50 years combined Industry Experience and we provide full-service disposition for every type of computer device manufactured. We are is a trusted partner for fast, secure, environmentally responsible IT Asset Disposition. We provide tailored ITAD solutions across the country for schools, hospitals, banks, energy companies, and many more. Whether you represent a small business or a large corporation, we will forge a plan tailored to suit your specific needs.

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