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Tailored OnSite Solutions

We started in this industry, buying, selling, and recycling excess IT equipment long before 'buyback' companies started popping up on every street corner in America. We have encountered and overcome every conceivable logistical challenge imaginable when it comes to securing and transporting equipment. In addition to packing, removal, and transportation, we offer a variety of onsite services that include auditing, de-installation, hard-drive shredding, and data erasure.

We know you have enough to do, and we make it easy retire your end-of-life technology right from the start. We have an experienced team of pros standing by to guide you through with every phase of disposition.

Nationwide Computer Recycling & IT Asset Recovery
  • Evaluation

  • Serialized Auditing

  • Hard Drive Shredding

  • Data Center Decommissioning

  • Data Center Liquidation

  • Extraction and Transportation

MARRS was built on customer satisfaction and that's not just because we offer maximum ROI. We also provide a variety of logistics solutions to cover every possible removal and transportation scenario. Whether you are shipping a couple of servers, or decommissioning your entire data center, we guarantee a fast, seamless, and secure solution. We specialize in high volume projects and data center liquidation, but we will buy, or recycle, any quantity of business class computer equipment.

We realize that managing your live data environment is demanding. Wiping drives, moving, liquidating, and packing up old equipment should not require overtime or outsourcing on your part. Give us a call today.

Maintain Compliance and receive a Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction and access to documents through our Client Portal 
cert scan 2.jpg
  • US DoD 5220.22-M

  • US NIST 800-88

  • HIPAA 

  • PCI 


  • PHI

                           (Department of Defense)

     (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
(Payment Card Industry) 
     (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act)
(Protected Health Information)

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Many of our clients have chain-of-custody regulations that require hard drives and other media to be fully destroyed before leaving their facility. Not only do we shred hard drives, tapes, and other associated media at your location, but we record the serial numbers and provide you with a Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction and Disposal while we're there. 


Onsite Shredding is great for entities with large data centers, or retired hard drives. It is ideal if you require immediate, or witnessed data destruction and we customize to meet any requirement. 

We arrive at your location, equipped with our mobile shredding lab, remove the hard drives or other data-bearing devices from the equipment in which they are stored, and destroy them onsite. We transport the shredded materials directly to our secure facility for recycling.


We save you time and money, and streamline this procedure with removal, packing, and transportation of the retired equipment that housed the drives.

Hard Drive & Data Destruction
Onsite Drive Destruction
Data-Center Decommissioning 

Whether you are liquidating your entire data center, moving, or just retiring a few racks from a leased space, or COLO, we have an expert removal team standing by to help make sure the transition is smooth and seamless. We will manage every aspect of de-installation, packing, and transporting the hardware, including Heating/Cooling, Fire Suppression, UPS, and Power Equipment.

Liquidate Data Cente Decommissioning

Combining data destruction with the de-installation, extraction, and transportation of retired data center equipment has proven to be the most efficient method for compliant disposition of all data center equipment.

With a tailored strategy in place before we begin, we streamline all required procedures into a systematic turn-key solution that requires little effort on your part. Maintain compliance and meet data center decommissioning challenges head-on with an experienced team of pros in your corner.

DC Decommission
White Glove Removal

We provide customized logistics solutions to an extended list of diverse clientele with a broad spectrum of removal and transportation challenges, and we guarantee that we can provide the same simple, seamless transition for you. We want to buy your excess computer equipment, and we do whatever it takes to make that possible. The majority of our clients' companies are not equipped to pack and ship retired computer equipment, so take care of it for them

Excess IT Hardware Removal

It takes more than a couple of good hands with a truck to provide good 'Comprehensive ITAD'. We take pride in our 'work', and that means that we have to offer the best decommissioning and removal services available.


Every project is different, so we customize a solution that works for you. We provide the packing supplies, tools, transportation, and support throughout the entire process. 

Packing & Removal
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