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Electronics Recycling

We explore every possible resource for revenue recovery, but sometimes end-of-life equipment is just too old to be re-marketed, re-purposed, or used for parts. Even then, we try to unlock hidden scrap value in the raw materials, and only when we have exhausted every possible avenue for value return, will these outdated assets be recycled.

We are committed to preserving our environment and we maintain a strict 0% Landfill Policy. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by all local, state, and federal legislation for electronics recycling and disposal. 

Recycle Computer Parts, heatsink, motherboard, processor, hard drive, etc
  • On-Site Service

  • 0% Landfill Policy

  • Serialized Reporting

  • Data Destruction

  • Hard Drive Shredding

  • Scrap Value

  • Certified Disposal

  • Environmental Responsibility 

  • Logistics Solutions

We go above and beyond to ensure compliance at every level. We offer On-Site Shredding and Erasure Services, and provide packing, removal, and transportation. As soon as equipment is received at our secure facility, we remove your company asset tags, record the serial numbers and categorize for auditing.We verify the serial numbers and provide you with a detailed audit and Serialized Certificate of Data Destruction and Disposal (SCODD) for every item we receive.

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